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We are your home for total eye care.

  • Complete Eye Examinations (including retinal evaluation through dilated pupil)

  • Contact Lens Fitting & long term after-care

  • Contact lenses

  • Eyeglasses

  • Safety Eye Glasses

  • On site Optical Lab

  • Diabetic Eye Care

  • Pre & Post Operative Cataract Care

  • Pre & Post Operative Refractive Surgery Care

  • Treatment of Glaucoma

  • Treatment of Ocular Allergy

  • Treatment of Dry Eye

  • Treatment of other eye diseases

  • Removal of Ocular Foreign Bodies

  • Treatment of ocular abrasions and other eye injuries

  • 24 hr emergency care (delivered from our Salem office)

  • Ultrasonic Corneal Pachymetry

  • Visual Field Analysis

  • Scanning Laser Retinal Tomography

  • Spectral Domain HD Tomography

  • Digital Ocular Photography

  • ForeSEE PHP (macular degeneration test)


We invest in the technology to provide you the finest vision care anywhere! 

My Vision Express TM  - our paperless medical records. We have charted paperless since 2004! Due to this we were selected as design consultants for My Vision Express.   Instead of our staff having a chart to make notes of your visit, all new exam details are entered directly into our computers.  Old exam notes were scanned, archived on the computer and available for immediate review by our doctors. This streamlined medical record system allows our entire staff to allocate less time to the clerical work of our office and instead focus more on you.

HRT II.TM  -ocular tomography services from Heidelberg Engineering. We were one of the first  in West Virginia to offer this service and were the first to have a mobile imaging unit! 3-D imaging system for glaucoma patients or those at risk to develop the disease.


CIRRUS HD OCT TM  - advanced imaging system from Carl Zeiss Meditec can image and monitor the retina, macula, optic nerve as well as the external eye.


Foresee PHP TM  - we were one of the first offices in West Virginia to offer this test for macular degeneration, designed to detect and monitor the existence and progress of macular degeneration. This technology is used to recognize those at risk and in need of treatment before vision is lost. 


Ocutouch TM  - computer based video presentation to let our patients understand more about their diagnosis. This allows our doctors to improve patient communication and lets out patients understand more about their eyes!


Acuity Pro TM  - digital computerized acuity testing program provides uniform illumination and a more accurate measurement of vision.  It features letters, numbers as well as special picture symbols for our younger patients.

Digital ocular photographic services  - photo document the condition of your eyes and is extremely useful for monitoring the condition of your eye health.

Corneal Pachymetery - Based on the OHTS study which indicated patients with thin cornea and elevated eye pressure are at greater risk to having advanced field loss, we offer

Visual Field Analysis - We offer four visual field testing strategies between our offices.





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