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The Ozone layer is thinning. Ultraviolet radiation , known as UV-A and UV-B is quietly slipping through. You may know about the dangers posed by UV radiation to your skin, but did you realize that exposure to UV radiation can harm your eyes? Unprotected exposure to UV radiation can cause photokeratitis ( sort of a sunburn to the eyes ) ! While this is a temporary problem that makes the eyes uncomfortable, there are even more serious problems caused by long term exposure. Numerous scientific studies link UV exposure to an increased risk of cataract development and damage to the retina which is usually not reversible. Your risk increases with more exposure. We recommend products that block UV from entering your eye like ACUVUE ® contacts and TRANSITIONS ® eyeglass lenses. There is also current scientific testing to investigate the effectiveness of anti-oxidant vitamins to prevent UV damage to the retina. There are currently several anti-oxidant vitamins available over the counter. They contain Beta Carotene, Selenium & Zinc among other components. Some of the more readily available brands are Ocuvite with Leutein ® and I-Caps with Leutein ® . The published ARED’s study looked at the role that vitamins and nutrition play in eye health and concluded that a particular combination of anti-oxidants can delay the loss of vision in patients with macular degeneration. The study involved a specific mixture that is now marketed at Ocuvite Preservision ®.

* Please consult your eye doctor for further details. This information is presented for informational purposes and is not designed to substitute for the advice of your eye doctor.




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