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The Tomograph is a laser scanning system for measurement and analysis of a 3-D image of the inside of the back of the eye. The data created serves to describe the retinal topography and the follow-up changes. The typical application is the assessment of the optic nerve head in glaucoma.



During the past decade, major eye centers around the world have used scanning laser systems for their research and clinical work. For research this has become the system of choice offering the highest diagnostic precision to differentiate between normal eyes and early changes even before any visual field defect has been confirmed.



Three-dimensional optic nerve head topography analysis has been shown to be superior to all other imaging technologies. This image, computed consisting of more 65 thousand measurements of the retinal surface height, is color coded, representing elevated and depressed structures. This new technology is now generally accepted and being used to provide the best service possible for glaucoma patients and patients at risk. It features analysis for early glaucoma detection, and automatic progression analysis.


The software computes a set of parameters that quantitatively describe the shape of the optic nerve. The results of the topographic description are used to classify an optic nerve head as being normal or outside normal limits. Furthermore, the parameters are used to describe glaucomatous progression.




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